Simple Steps in Selecting a Mixer

Mixer Application

Portable Mixers are used for drums, totes, or small mixing tanks of 1000 gallons or less. The mixer is clamped to the side of the tank. Optimum mixing will be achieved when the mixer is angled from the tank wall, either off-center (Figure 1) or on-center (Figure 2).  Properly mounting a portable mixer will greatly increase mixing efficiency, eliminate vibration and improve mixer service-life. When sizing a portable mixer, it is essential to consider these application details: liquid viscosity and chemistry, tank volume and configuration, mounting design and power requirements.

Portable Mixers

Figure 1 Rapid Turnover

Figure 1 Rapid Turnover – An off-center angled mixer turns over tank contents and washes tank bottom. This is especially effective when mixing a slurry.

Figure 2 Gentle Turnover

Figure 2 Gentle Turnover – An on-center angled mixer provides good mixing with minimal vortexing.

Figure 3 Large-Tank Mixing

Figure 3 Large-Tank Mixing – A vertical, on-center mixer used in a four-baffled tank will provide consistent mixing action and top-to-bottom turnover. This prevents vortexing or rotation of tank contents in the direction of the mix.