BPL SmoothFlow Pump

BPL SmoothFlow Pumps are different than other new pumps on the market.  The engineers went back to school on the physics to come up with new technology.  They designed SmoothFlow from the ground up, rather than adding electronics or special motors to old designs.  SmoothFlow actually changes the flow profile, allowing long-lasting application in areas where other pumps have either failed or were unusable.

The BPL eliminates pulsation that is characteristic of diaphragm pumps. It has the ability to transfer liquids with great precision over long distances. Smooth, accurate flows eliminate the need for pulsation dampeners or flow conditioners. Smaller motors allow reduced pump weight, smaller footprints, significant energy savings and reduced carbon dioxide levels. The BPL is a revolution in pumping design!

  • smooth, precise flows over long distances
  • simplified piping requirements
  • lightweight motors
  • reduced footprint

Continuous Flow – With No Pulsation!

The specially-formed eccentric cam incorporates a simple drive mechanism. This ensures that the sum of volumes discharged from the left and right pump heads remains constant to create a continuous, smooth flow. This is why the discharge volume of liquids can be controlled with a high degree of precision.

Tacmina BPL Special Cam Design - Dual-Diaphragm
Special Cam Design – Dual-Diaphragm
Tacmina BPL Reduction of Pulsation for Smooth Flow
Reduction of Pulsation for Smooth Flow

BPL SmoothFlow Pump

A Revolution in Pump Design

BPL SmoothFlow Pump