Neptune Tote Mixer

Bulkhead Fitting

Putting a Neptune mixer into a tote or IBC can be a challenge when the metal threads of most mixers tend to tear through the plastic cover of the vessel.

The Neptune mixer offers a steel bulkhead fitting to allow a metal-on-metal connection. This will keep the mixer firmly in place. You may have it installed into your plastic cap at no additional charge.

Once the shaft is securely tightened to the mixer, lower the bulkhead fitting in place, rotate over the threads until secure to the cap assembly. Now, the cap and mixer can easily be attached and removed from the tote.

Folding Propellers

Neptune tote mixers have folding propellers. This design allows a larger diameter prop to fit through the smaller threaded opening of the tote cap or lid. Once the motor is powered up, the spinning of the shaft allows the prop to open to its full diameter.

Neptune Drum Mixer

These mixers are used for 30-55- gallon drums.

H-Series Mixers are designed for viscous fluids. These include water-based fluids, paints, emulsions, polymers, & other solutions under 10% solids. Setup time is 15-20 minutes. Higher viscosity mixers have the folding propeller that can be attached to the end of the mixing shaft. It’s designed to fit through the 2” opening through the top of a drum. The mixing shaft is keyed, with a flat surface on each side that line up with corresponding set screws.