Corporation Stops and injection quills are used for injecting chemicals pumped by metering pumps into tanks, mains, cooling towers, and process systems.

Quill Diagram

Corporation Stops

Corporation Stops

Corp Stop Installation

A corporation stop is a special stop valve that is installed under pressure, or, “hot tapped”, directly into a water main or vessel without draining the system. Corporation Stops allow an injection quill to be inserted or removed through the valve during cleaning and maintenance of the system.

The quill (often referred to as a solution tube or “stinger”) extends into the center of the water stream, rather than along the pipe or tank wall. A more uniform dispersion of injection chemical provides better mixing in the water.  Each corp stop includes a safety chain.  The chain is short enough to allow the quill to be pulled from the process.  Once the ball valve is closed, the quill can be pulled out the rest of the way.



Injection Quills

High-Pressure Injection Quills are used to safely connect a liquid chemical feed system to a pipeline or vessel. Chemicals are pumped by metering pumps through piping and injection quills directly into the turbulent flow zone of high-pressure water or steam lines where pressure is highest. This allows a more uniform mixing because it prevents chemical from flowing along pipe walls. Many injection quill models have integral spring-loaded ball checks that prevent the flow of the injected chemical into the main flow when the system is shut down.

Duplex Injection Quills allow two chemicals to be added simultaneously.

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