The pitcher is on the mound.  The batter stands ready at the plate.  First pitch.  Low and outside.  “Ball one…”  Second pitch.  Low and outside.  The batter fouls into the stands behind first base. “Strike one!”  Third pitch.  Low and outside!  The batter gets a piece of it, and fouls it behind home plate. “Strike two!”  Forth pitch.  Low and outside.  This time the batter connects with the ball, and sends it into the center field stands.  Home Run!

The pitching coach is thinking, “Good control.  Very precise. Very predictable.  Not accurate… We need to work with this kid.”

Dad was in the scale and balance business for over forty years.  He said it this way: “Precision is doing something the same way every time.  Accuracy is doing the right thing the same way every time.”  Do the right thing.