Working with a variety of suppliers has taught us some valuable lessons that may benefit our clients.

Anyone who has shopped online knows how to review product specifics, read reviews and compare prices for the best deal. Many purchases can be completed without ever having to talk to a company rep.  There is so much information available.  Clients who call us are educated.  They are often experts in their respective fields.  Most purchases can be made independent of consultation with a representative of the manufacturer.

Instrumentation and pumps, however, have nuances that often escape the writers of the white papers and sales brochures.  Suppliers who understand this can become a real asset for clients specifying or investing in new equipment.  Questions that can simplify your selection of suppliers come under four categories.  Here are the key categories and some questions.

Availability, back up, cost, dependability

A.B.C.D. Keys – Ask The Questions 


  • When can I get it?
  • How about replacement parts?


  • Will you support it?
  • Do your “experts” speak our language?
  • Do you stand behind the product?


  • How much – money and time?
  • Which is best for our budget?
  • Is the order process streamlined?


  • Does it work?
  • How long will the product last?
  • What maintenance is required?

A.B.C.D. Keys – Evaluate The Answers

Assign a value to each of the four questions.  Add up the points.  Evaluate your supplier.  For example, one earning 2 points in “A”, with zero points in “B”,”C” and “D”, is not as valuable as a supplier who earns 1 point in each of the four categories.  This is a simple way we have found that can benefit you.

Asking key questions at the start of the project is a great step in solving your application challenges.  There are many good manufacturers of instrumentation and pumps available today.

If you’ve come up with another good question we’ve missed, let us know.

Our goal is to provide the right solution for you.