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A lot of you have been asking us, “Once I’ve got the pump, controller, and sensor, how do I put it all together?”

We asked our friends at Daley Automation to come up with a solution, and here is the result: a simple chem-feed panel, pre-wired, ready-to-install.

Panels are available in a variety of configurations.  Controllers, like the Rosemount Model 56, include pH, ORP, conductivity and chlorine.  Each controller comes pre-wired for power and metering pump. Choose from solenoid, peristaltic or stepper-motor pump designs.

5 Simple Steps to Start the Simple Panel

1.  Determine an area to locate and secure the panel.

2.  Attach supply and discharge at the Simple Panel’s inlet and outlet valves.

3.  Install the sensor into the process.


4.  Connect line power.  The junction box powers the pump and controller.


5.  Program pump set points using the controller display.

Make fine adjustments using the pump speed and stroke adjustments.

3 Simple Panel Styles

Choose from 3 basic panel options, or customize your own design.

Application Questions

Describe the application and area of installation.


  • On/Off
  • 4-20 mA


  • pH
  • ORP
  • Conductivity/% Concentration
  • Chlorine

Pump Selection

  1. What is the chemical and concentration?
  2. Feed Rate?
  3. Pressure pump is feeding into?
  4. Control: On/Off or 4-20 mA
  5. Brand Preference

Valve & Actuator Options

Our simple chem-feed panels can be expanded to include valves and actuators.

If you have an application for a panel, and you want to make it simple, email or call us at 630-655-1080.